Beaches of Mozambique

Mozambique is unquestionably one of southern Africa’s travel gems. Especially as it offers arguably some of the best beaches that you will find anywhere in Africa – and in many instances, the world, too.

With its long, idyllic-looking coastline – dotted with pristine, sugar-white beaches and blessed with the dreamy, warm waters of the Indian Ocean – and amazing cultural- and outdoor-experiences for all to savour, Mozambique is a glorious beach destination for holidaymakers, honeymooners and families to enjoy together.

From popular beaches like Tofo to precious islands like Benguerra Island or the more private Medjumbe Island, Mozambique has it all as far as dreamy beach picks are concerned.

In this post, we look at five of the best beaches of Mozambique to visit or holiday at.

Tofo Beach

Located some 500+ kilometres from Maputo, Tofo is an idyllic beach town that offers travellers a glorious, invigorating seaside escape.

Here, dreamy white beaches and beautiful, warm waters are the order of the day.

Best of all, this beach destination is great to visit year-round. The summer months (October to March) average warm temperatures of about 30 degrees Celsius daily, with relatively high humidity to factor in. And while the odd tropical shower can hit during late December to February – even this can’t put a damper on your perfect Tofo beach days.

If you prefer slightly cooler temps, the winter months (April to September) average 20-25 degrees Celsius. This makes them milder without being too cold and/or too stiflingly hot either.

Better yet, humidity is low during the wintertime so you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable and sweaty as you soak up this beach paradise.

For those who wish to try more unique experiences, Tofo also offers visitors the chance to see humpback whales, whale sharks and manta rays. Additionally, Tofo is a popular destination for things like diving, snorkelling and deep-sea fishing.

Finally, Tofo also possesses some lovely, beach-style accommodation. This makes it ideal for either short- or extended-stays, while you soak up the beauty of one of Mozambique’s most popular and well-loved beaches.

Ponta do Ouro

The quaint, yet charming town of Ponta do Ouro – found just ten kilometres from the South African border over in southern Mozambique – is one of Mozambique’s loveliest beach destinations.

Here, where relaxed charm and peacefulness prevail, visitors can enjoy everything from gorgeous, bone-white beaches to dense forests, stunning ocean scenery and of course, some amazing diving opportunities.

The town may be small but it nevertheless offers all you need, with surrounding accommodation, attractions and many of Mozambique’s popular travel destinations all within easy reach of it.

What’s more, as an added bonus, this beach town and its delightful beaches are popular drawcards for divers and surfers who flock to its peaceful shores for some ocean fun.

Benguerra Island

For those seeking a more luxurious beach holiday, Benguerra Island is undoubtedly one of the best choices anywhere in southern Africa.

Situated off the coast of Mozambique within a protected marine nature reserve, Bazaruto Archipelago National Park, and set on a protected lagoon, Benguerra Island is every bit the island paradise it is made out to be.

With warm Indian Ocean waters, vibrant coral reefs alive with underwater beauty and activity, picture-perfect beaches and vast sand dunes, Benguerra Island has all the natural beach beauty that you could wish for – and then some.

Add to that, classy, lodge-style accommodation, incredible experiences (everything from romantic picnics for two to sunset dhow cruises, scuba diving and even fun swimming with horses) and of course, the chance to see some of Mozambique’s most pristine places and sea life – and a visit to Benguerra Island ensures an incredible trip and holiday experience.


Situated some 750 kilometres north of Maputo, Vilankulos is yet another highly sought after beach destination that is found in marvellous Mozambique.

This town and its beaches are a favourite among both holidaymakers and sun seekers, thanks to the sheer beach beauty, local town charm and of course, the famous Mozambique prawns and beer that guests can so easily savour here.

What’s more, the gorgeous bay offers calm, tranquil waters and long, clean beaches that stretch off into the horizon, stealing your breath away with their natural beauty.

Beauty aside though, this also makes it ideal for water-based sports, fun outdoor exploration and of course, dreamy beach holidays best enjoyed with those you love.

The beaches along the coastline near Vilankulos are especially popular for horse riding and guided trails and sailing, as well as diving and snorkelling.

Better still, Vilankulos offers plenty of nearby accommodation gems. There are accommodation offerings to suit every taste and budget – from self-catering resorts to chic hotels and lodges.

Medjumbe Island

Last but by no means least we have the somewhat exclusive Medjumbe Island. Found within the magical Quirimbas Archipelago over in northern Mozambique, Medjumbe Island is a dreamy destination, famed for its private, secluded beaches and endless coves.

This solar-powered island is just one-kilometre-wide in length, yet it offers everything from classy beach resort accommodation to gourmet seafood, diving courses and so much more for visitors to enjoy.

The archipelago itself offers incredible fishing, although sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and water skiing are also popular here.

For those who wish to try more unique or cultural experiences, there is everything from cultural tours to conservation-themed activities to enjoy here.

Best of all, the Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort only offers twelve luxury chalets on this private island. This ensures that guests enjoy a luxurious, yet rather rare and intimate holiday experience.

These are just five of the best beaches – and beach experiences – that you can enjoy in Mozambique. Best of all, there is something to suit every traveller’s budget and personal needs.

So no matter whether you are after a fun-filled, yet adventurous beach escape; a romantic honeymoon; or simply the chance to enjoy some soothing, relaxing downtime and fun in the sun, these Mozambique beach gems are sure to tick all the boxes.

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