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Why Travel to Uganda?

Uganda is a unique landlocked East African country that offers diverse landscapes and amazing natural attractions. These natural wonders range from the immense, beautiful Lake Victoria to the magnificent, snowy peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains.

However, this East African nation also offers a rich plethora of incredible wildlife – with everything from rare birds to chimpanzees and of course, the famous mountain gorillas calling Uganda home.

While Uganda is often overlooked in favour of other African nations – in this post, we provide at least four excellent reasons why you should travel to Uganda:

1. Explore the Queen Elizabeth National Park

With one of the world’s highest biodiversity ratings for any reserve, Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of Uganda’s top travel destinations.

Not only is Queen Elizabeth National Park is the second largest park in Uganda but indeed, it is also the country’s most well-loved safari destination at that.

Situated in western Uganda near the equally famous Rwenzori mountains, the gorgeous Queen Elizabeth National Park offers a wonderful array of diverse landscapes and delicate ecosystems that are there to be protected, treasured and admired for their natural beauty and uniqueness. These include everything from wetlands and swamps to crater lakes, tropical forests and open savannahs.

This beautiful national park is also famous for its primates, rare tree-climbing lions (found in the southern part of the park), elephants, birds and hippos, to name just a few of the incredible animals who call this national treasure home.

So if you are to visit any of Uganda’s amazing national parks, then let it be this incredible place.

For those who wish to linger longer, the northern part of the Queen Elizabeth National Park has some excellent lodges and camps for guests to enjoy. The park’s southern part, meanwhile, is a slightly more limited as far as accommodation goes but also still offers some lodging options.

2. Wander through Kibale National Park

Another special national park in Uganda is the endlessly beautiful Kibale National Park, which lies in the western part of Uganda.

Home to over 1450 chimpanzees and other primates, Kibale National Park is Africa’s top chimpanzee-tracking location. This, among many other things, makes it a truly fascinating place to visit.

In addition to these intelligent chimps, Kibale National Park is also home to some 351 different tree species (some as old as 200 years); 70 different mammals; and some 325 bird species. As such, Kibale is a natural wonder, especially as far as both fauna and flora go.

For tourists and visitors, some of the park’s highlights include chimpanzee tracking tours, birding, breathtaking Kibale forest hikes and much more.

For more on chimpanzee tracking tours and other information, please check out the park’s website:

Not only is Kibale National Park an amazing place for visitors to explore but it is also a vital African research site, with researchers and biologists researching everything from the chimps to the varied ecosystems, wild pigs and fish species, which are only a few of this park’s interest points.

3. Soak up Nature in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Although the name may appear daunting, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is another Ugandan gem and one all visitors exploring this East African nation should certainly add to their travel bucket list.

One of the park’s biggest attractions are the gorilla trekking tours and/or safaris that allow guests to see the incredible mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

There are a number of local tour providers and operators who offer amazing gorilla trekking tours so be sure to book with a trusted tour guide to enjoy this lifechanging experience.

In addition to the 300+ gorillas, Bwindi Forest National Park – which is situated in the south-western part of Uganda, near the rim of the Rift Valley – offers mist-enveloped hillsides, biographically varied rainforests and some 400 varied plant species.

As far as fauna goes, this national park is also home to some 346 bird species, more than 200 butterfly species, 324 tree species and some 120 different mammals.

These are just some of the incredible fauna and flora attractions and natural wonders that make Bwindi Forest National Park such a special place to visit.

For more on this national park and the gorilla trekking, please check out the park’s website:

4. Tour the Foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains

Last but far from least on our list is the experience of exploring the majestic, snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains.

These mountains, which are affectionately dubbed ‘the Mountains of the Moon’, border Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and are a truly special part of Africa. Not only are they permanently dusted with snow but these vast mountains are home to a wide range of otherworldly habitats and landscapes, making them truly remarkable.

They are sadly one of Uganda’s least visited natural wonders but for avid birders, experienced mountaineers and fit trekkers, they are an unmissable part of this stunning East African nation.

Local tour operators and guides offer a range of incredible hikes and tours that allow visitors to explore these mountains for themselves and marvel at their incredible beauty first-hand.

Tours range from five-day experiences on the lower mountains to eight- or 12-day hiking safaris sure to provide a memorable, life changing week or two in Uganda.

These are just four incredible reasons to visit the unique, awe-inspiring East African country of Uganda.

From diverse landscapes to ecosystems teeming with rich wildlife, vegetation and birds and of course the world-famous, endangered mountain gorillas – Uganda promises an adventure no matter how long you plan to stay for or how much of the country you have the time and resources to explore.

What’s more, this beautiful country also offers some truly amazing accommodation offerings – everything from luxurious lodges to lovely resorts, making it equally ideal for those who favour creature comforts when travelling.

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